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Train Service Controller - CCL


Job Purpose

Perform the following functions in the Operations Control Centre:

  • Train Service Controller (Train Control): Assist the Chief Controller to perform train service regulation according to operating procedures and safely.
  • Train Service Controller (Station Control): Assist the Chief Controller to coordinate with Station staff to provide accurate information and instructions to commuters, and manage track access by maintenance parties during Non-Traffic Hours
  • Train Service Controller (Depot Control): Assist the Chief Controller to coordinate with Depot Operations Centre to perform train movements and track access within the depot


Train Control

  • Contribute as part of a team to effectively and efficiently perform OCC's main functions which include train service regulation, incident handling, information dissemination and track access management
  • Manage Train service delivery; regulate revenue train service on the mainline to provide a safe and reliable train service.
    • Perform actions during routine and emergency situations in accordance to Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and other prevailing instructions
    • Regulate and monitor train service as scheduled in the  timetable, ensuring trains are on time, intended connections are made, routes are set appropriately
    • Report all train faults to Chief Controller immediately
    • Control track access during Traffic Hours safely
  • Manage incident safely at all times
    • Provide accurate and effective information to passengers and staff
    • Determine the incident for follow up action quickly, liaise, instruct and provide effective assistance for ground staff on incident handling
    • Recover partial train service and minimize section affected effectively
    • After recovery of incident, manage information dissemination and recovery of train service effectively to minimize passenger delay 
    • Putting trains back to their timetable schedules as soon as possible after a delay/disruption


Stations Control

  • Disseminate information clearly and accurately to all relevant Station Staff and passengers during a train service delay or disruption through various means such as Station and Train PA and Radio
  • Attend to queries from all staff pertaining to operations
  • Manage the processing of track access during non-traffic hours safely and verify applications accurately to maximize maintenance window
  • Ensure all work parties are cleared from track before start of Traffic Hours
  • Monitoring and tracking station openings
  • Reminding staff on switching off flashing light
  • Provide assistance to station on urgent fault reporting, enquiries  


Depot Control

  • Responsible for the morning preparation of all trains that are schedule for revenue service.
  • Dispatch passenger trains/ engineering train to reception tracks for launching to mainline
  • Receives withdrawal of trains from mainline back to depot
  • Dispatch spare train to mainline when instructed by Chief Controller
  • Liaise with Depot Ops Centre to ensure that the trains are wash according to the train wash schedule and stable at the correct location
  • Assist to shunt trains into workshop for maintenance
  • Liaise with Depot Ops Centre for any track access request and ensure protection, e.g. SPKS, is applied before allowing track access.
  • Report any faults occurring to train or control systems to Chief Controller immediately

Every staff in Circle Line is responsible for their own as well as their Team’s Safety. Staff shall uphold the CCL Safety Mission and 3 principles to complete tasks, perform duties, fulfil the goals of the organization, and adhere to the individual roles and responsibilities.

Qualifications & Work Experience

Diploma in any discipline preferably with engineering background or other qualifications with more than 3 years railway experience.


  • Able to work under stressful environmental and able to make sound and safe decision while handling train incidents
  • Proficient and confident to operate computer systems
  • Personal Leadership and Dependability
  • Delivering Quality Results
  • Collaboration
  • Learning



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SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) is a public transport services provider. Our primary business is to manage and operate train services on the North-South Line, the East-West Line, the Circle Line, the new Thomson East-Coast Line and the Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit. This is complemented by our bus, taxi and private hire vehicle services. 

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